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This page provides technical information about Nfinite Productions' Rap-A-Matics™©, an application developed by Cubelogic and distributed by Nfinite Productions. Please note that Rap-A-Matics is a trade-mark of Nfinite Productions: we only provides technical support. To purchase the Rap-A-Matics application, the Rap-A-Matics clothing line and other merchandise, and for all related enquiries, you should visit the Rap-A-Matics website.

Java-related Info

For more detailed installation notes about the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) for Windows, you may consult this document:


QuickTime-related Info

Rap-A-Matics requires QuickTime 6.4 or newer. You will find a QuickTime 6.5.1 installer for Mac OS X and Windows inside the Rap-A-Matics CD-ROM (you may purchase the CD-ROM at www.rap-a-matics.com/Store), or you may download the latest QuickTime installer from www.apple.com/quicktime/download/standalone.

The Windows version of Rap-A-Matics automatically installs a compatible version of QuickTime, or updates an existing one to the 6.5.1. If you manually install QuickTime, be sure to install the QuickTime for Java component. If you think you already have a version of QuickTime newer than 6.4 installed on your computer, and you do not wish to install a new one, be sure that the QuickTime for Java component is installed. In order to do so, you may re-run the QuickTime installer.

Bug reports

As for all other applications, if you notice bugs or strange behaviors while using the Rap-A-Matics application, please send a bug report to Cubelogic. Bug reports help us improve the product. Thanks for your help.

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