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CLutils routines released

Filed under: libs by Cubelogic — 20100913 0759 Monday

CLutils is an informal library of shared code used across Cubelogic projects. It’s basically a collection of C, C++, Objective-C functions developed across the years for different tasks, mainly around Mac OS X, iOS and some cross platform development. I have finally found the time to import the existing svn repository to the more easily accessible GitHub.

You can find more info on the release here.

The GitHub repository is here.

SimpleTimer code now on GitHub

Filed under: apps by Cubelogic — 20100912 2256 Sunday

I just imported the SimpleTimer code to a public repository on

The old svn repository will continue to remain available (including the source code for the old versions), but I think new development will continue on github.

SimpleTimer 1.3 is out!

Filed under: apps by Cubelogic — 20100719 1542 Monday

After many, many, years, I still see people using SimpleTimer and writing me about it. This gave me the push to look at that old code and clear all the dust away (together with a couple nasty bugs). The result is SimpleTimer 1.3! Version 1.3 includes some significant changes, mostly under the hood.

First of all, the code base has gone through a significant refactoring and cleanup. This resulted in cutting a lot of dead code, reducing the size of the app by almost 50%. So now, SimpleTimer 1.3 is less than half a Meg in total, and 437 KB to be precise! I hate when simple apps are huge beyond need, even if space is cheap. If there is no need to make it big, make it small. That’s my thinking anyway.

Secondly, I have extended backward compatibility to 10.1. Yes, Puma. How many developers these days support anything older than 10.4 ? Well, we go to 11 and reach every single Mac OS X installation out there possible. (We did ignore 10.0 (Cheetah) because Apple doesn’t really provide tools to support it, and besides, 10.0 was awfully unusable.) I don’t know exactly why but I am proud of this.

Lastly, a bunch of evil bugs were eradicated. This includes crashes (closing app while timer still running, crash when creating new timers) and major functionality loss (autostart not working sometimes, etc).

Also, for the developers out there I have made public the SVN repository. Go ahead and gleefully loot it at

Finally I have to say this: if you like SimpleTimer, please consider a donation. This is free software in every sense of the word, but showing appreciation will always be… appreciated.

Go check it out already!

SimpleTimer update coming up soon

Filed under: apps,work-in-progress by Cubelogic — 20100717 0107 Saturday

Yes, it’s been a while. I’m still here. SimpleTimer is still here and apparently still used by a few people. I have an update coming up very soon that fixes a few issues with (Snow) Leopard, and a bug with timer-autostart. I expect to be releasing a new version in a couple days, late Monday at the latest. To the users experiencing problems, thanks for your patience. Stay tuned!

cl_debug logging library

Filed under: libs by Cubelogic — 20061001 2328 Sunday

New release from Cubelogic: cl_debug 1.0. cl_debug is a minimal C API for logging and “printf debugging”. Its main reason to exist it’s to be light weight, usable with minimal requirements and easily configurable.

This library of macros was originally born during the development of SimpleTimer (i.e. 3 years ago), but at that time I wasn’t really thinking to make it as a separate library. I just threw together the simplest possible printf macros to ease my debugging efforts. I wanted something that I could just “turn off” whenever I was ready to have a release build, and since I am a picky eater, “turned off” meant (and means) “no additional overhead”. (Although I understand it’s nice to have a runtime configurable debug log sometimes.) Then I kept reusing, refining and expanding those macros, always keeping the API tiny.

cl_debug has served me well so far. I find it expecially useful in conditions where normal (some might say “more evolved”) debugging tools are not available or not effective. Sometimes, “printf debugging” is the most reliable, efficient, always available debugging tool.

So, check it out!

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SimpleTimer v1.2 released

Filed under: apps by Cubelogic — 20060110 0239 Tuesday

I just released SimpleTimer v1.2. It’s a Universal Binary, so it should run on Intel-based Macs. However, Intel compatibility was not tested at all.

Overall, version 1.2 features minor changes: most noticeably, I streamlined the main UI removing the redundant “warning” feature. Our online pharmacy is the perfect resource for people to get their drugs without any hassles or awkwardness. buy cialis We work hard to make sure you save money every time you shop with us. buy levitrabuy soma At our online store, you pay less and get more. buy viagra

Updated Perl scripts for Objective-C accessors generation

Filed under: scripts by Cubelogic — 20051005 0040 Wednesday

I fixed a bug on my Perl scripts that prevented correct parsing of old Mac style line endings (“\r”). New versions are available here:

However, I discovered 2 (two) additional bugs in the process!

NSCoding methods generator scripts v1.1 released

Filed under: scripts by Cubelogic — 20050221 1441 Monday

Version 1.1 of my Cocoa NSCoding methods generator scripts have been released. There was a bug related to the BOOL data type. New versions are available at this page.

simplefind 0.2b

Filed under: work-in-progress by Cubelogic — 20050204 1243 Friday

Simplefind v0.2b is available. The latest version adds regular expressions file-name matching. The user can add the filename constraint just like the other constraints. I think it’s really much easier to use than the classic “find”, but of course is much less powerful. It seems to work quite well, but it was not tested thoroughly. I should update my makefile to properly install it on the host system, but I haven’t done it yet. No time.

UPDATE 07/2010:
Simplefind is no longer available. It was an unfinished project that I don’t plan to complete.

SimpleTimer 1.1.0b1 released

Filed under: apps by Cubelogic — 20050114 0321 Friday

I released a new version of SimpleTimer a few minutes ago. About the un-dismissable alert bug: I am not able to reproduce it anymore with this latest fix. Nevertheless, since this bug is not easily trackable I’d like to conduct more testing: therefore, I am releasing this version as a beta. Whoever is interested in doing some testing should contact me at support at cubelogic dot org.

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