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ChessNote: a new app for playing correspondence chess

Filed under: apps by Ettore — 20110126 2151 Wednesday

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Download ChessNote from the App Store!

ChessNote is a new app by Cubelogic to play correspondence chess on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. It is compatible with iOS 3 and 4, and completely free. It’s the easiest way to play chess on your iPhone.

Like all other products by Cubelogic it focuses on doing less, instead of everything. Because ChessNote is only for one thing: playing chess when you want, when you have time, without hassles or delays.

The user interface couldn’t be clearer: you have your list of games, one tap to see the game, two taps to make a move, and one extra tap to confirm. Next. Or back to whatever you were doing. And if you feel particularly proud about how you stand in your game, you can post your board on Twitter.

ChessNote cares for what’s really important: all official rules and situations of the game of Chess are accounted for, including en passant, stalemate and rather unusual scenarios such as the fifty moves rule.

We have stripped ChessNote of all chagrins that typically slip into games of this sort: ads, pointless chatting, annoyances, distractions. We leave those to other apps. We just care to play chess, and don’t want to be bothered.

Because ChessNote is built by chess lovers for chess lovers. We built a chess application we’d like to use ourselves.

If you are a chess player with no time to lose, you’ve come to the right app.

Download ChessNote for free from the App Store

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ChessNote board


  1. I downloaded the game but found two major issues which will keep me from playing it. 1) I can’t play witha friend. You can only start a game and are assigned a random opponent. Which defeats the purpose of why I downloaded the app in the first place: so my buddy and I who live in different States could play correspondence chess. There is no way for us to connect with this app that I can see.
    And, 2) While I don’t care for a full blown chat feature. The ability to send a simple note with each move would be a big plus. As with postcard chess, most people I have played will write a short ‘how do you do’ along with their move on each postcard I received, and it was a nice casual way of making new friends and carrying on a correspondence. Again, not a full blown chat, but the option of sending a brief note a a couple of sentences with each turn would be very welcome.
    Thanks for listening! Hope you find these features worthy of consideration in a future update as it would get me playing the app nearly everyday!

    Comment by Jon — 20110806 @ 0904 Saturday

  2. Hi Jon, thanks for your comments. I love both of your suggestions. The first one is already in the plans, I just haven’t found the time to implement it. It will definitely be implemented. I also love the second suggestion! You’re right, that would make a lot of sense.

    Thanks again for your feedback, and I hope you will come back to ChessNote one day. And keep an eye on this blog for future features announcements!

    Comment by Cubelogic — 20110806 @ 1135 Saturday

  3. Jon, the first feature you requested (ability to start a game with a specific user) is now available as of ChessNote version 1.3. It’s live at the App Store now!

    Comment by Cubelogic — 20110823 @ 2307 Tuesday

  4. Is there a droid version? Thank you.

    Comment by Bill — 20110914 @ 1406 Wednesday

  5. Hi Bill, no, unfortunately we didn’t make a Android version yet: it’s in the plans, but right now I don’t have a date for when it will be available.

    Comment by Cubelogic — 20110914 @ 1835 Wednesday

  6. Update: as of version 1.3.1, you can now send a brief note (a chess note!) to your opponent with every move. To learn more, click here!

    Comment by Cubelogic — 20111204 @ 1317 Sunday

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