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ChessNote 1.3.3 available!

Filed under: apps by Cubelogic — 20120215 2132 Wednesday
ChessNote board List of chess games in ChessNote

Download ChessNote 1.3.3 from the App Store!

This new installment of ChessNote is mostly for improved stability. We addressed many error situations, and added a more effective way to recover from them in case they were to happen again. More in detail, if an error happens, now the next time you open that game the app will ensure to fetch the latest version from the server, to ensure consistency.

Moreover, as you can see from the screenshot above, push notifications are now handled also while you are using the app. The moment an opponent moves, the Updates tab will receive a red badge, alerting you of what happened. One more reason to turn on push notifications! (If you had them turned off, you may go to the iPhone Home screen, load the Settings app, go to Notifications and look for ChessNote there.)

However, if you don’t like notifications, we have got you covered as well! We added buttons to manually reload your updates and games.

Finally, accepting or declining a draw is now done on the board screen, not the Game Info screen. This is more intuitive since it is after all an action you must take while studying the board.

As always, happy checkmating! You can download ChessNote here.