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Instant Rematch with ChessNote 1.3.2!

Filed under: apps by Cubelogic — 20111215 2257 Thursday

Download ChessNote 1.3.2 from the App Store!

Version 1.3.2 of ChessNote focuses on user experience and bug fixes. The board screen now has a much more functional organization, using a standard toolbar instead of the geeky right-aligned layout for all the commands. Beside being much easier on the eyes, this makes it a lot easier to browse the moves history, which is something you probably want to do often.

Also, some of you have asked for a rematch feature when a game ends. That would make a lot of sense, wouldn’t it? So, here it is! At the end of each game a pop-up box will ask you whether you want to challenge your opponent one more time. If you do, it’s as easy as tapping “Rematch.” That’s really all there is to it.

Finally, I noticed that the chess-note pane that slides up with each move can be undesired, depending on your mood or astral conjunction: to cater this need, we now have a simple switch to turn that on or off.

That’s it for this release. Thanks again for your support, and happy check-mating!

Download ChessNote 1.3.2 from the App Store!

Better board screen organization in ChessNote

Rematch feature in ChessNote

ChessNote 1.3.1: send a (chess) note with each move!

Filed under: apps by Cubelogic — 20111203 1345 Saturday

Another incremental update of ChessNote, the simplest app to play correspondence chess on your iPhone or iPod, is available at the App Store.

With ChessNote 1.3.1 you can send a brief message to your opponent every time you make a move, if you feel like it. This is something you could do in the old-school way of playing chess by mail, so it feels natural to have it here. It’s called ChessNote for a reason after all!

On another note (pun intended), we added the ability to see the opponent’s rating on the Game Info screen, a feature that a number of people have requested. Pretty straightforward.

So here it is. Download ChessNote 1.3.1 now!