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NSCoding methods generator scripts v1.1 released

Filed under: scripts by Cubelogic — 20050221 1441 Monday

Version 1.1 of my Cocoa NSCoding methods generator scripts have been released. There was a bug related to the BOOL data type. New versions are available at this page.

simplefind 0.2b

Filed under: work-in-progress by Cubelogic — 20050204 1243 Friday

Simplefind v0.2b is available. The latest version adds regular expressions file-name matching. The user can add the filename constraint just like the other constraints. I think it’s really much easier to use than the classic “find”, but of course is much less powerful. It seems to work quite well, but it was not tested thoroughly. I should update my makefile to properly install it on the host system, but I haven’t done it yet. No time.

UPDATE 07/2010:
Simplefind is no longer available. It was an unfinished project that I don’t plan to complete.