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ChessNote currently DOWN

Filed under: bugs,work-in-progress by Cubelogic — 20151014 2344 Wednesday

ChessNote servers experienced a hardware problem recently, and they have not recovered yet. The application server did not automatically restart as it’s supposed to, and I am trying to figure out why. I hope to be able to bring the service back up by later today. (I am currently traveling so I do not have immediate access to a UNIX terminal that would allow me to fix the problem: please bear with me.)

I apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your patience.

SimpleTimer update coming up soon

Filed under: apps,work-in-progress by Cubelogic — 20100717 0107 Saturday

Yes, it’s been a while. I’m still here. SimpleTimer is still here and apparently still used by a few people. I have an update coming up very soon that fixes a few issues with (Snow) Leopard, and a bug with timer-autostart. I expect to be releasing a new version in a couple days, late Monday at the latest. To the users experiencing problems, thanks for your patience. Stay tuned!

simplefind 0.2b

Filed under: work-in-progress by Cubelogic — 20050204 1243 Friday

Simplefind v0.2b is available. The latest version adds regular expressions file-name matching. The user can add the filename constraint just like the other constraints. I think it’s really much easier to use than the classic “find”, but of course is much less powerful. It seems to work quite well, but it was not tested thoroughly. I should update my makefile to properly install it on the host system, but I haven’t done it yet. No time.

UPDATE 07/2010:
Simplefind is no longer available. It was an unfinished project that I don’t plan to complete.

SimpleTimer French localization

Filed under: apps,work-in-progress by Cubelogic — 20041230 0106 Thursday

Thanks to the help of Mr. Claude R., SimpleTimer will soon have a French localization. I’m pretty excited and honored about the interest. I’m currently cleaning up my code, putting *all* localizable messages in separate .strings files. Admittedly, this is kind of a tedious job, but on the plus side it’s giving me the chance to make my code look nicer and easier to read. Oh yes, I also spotted a couple of bugs. :)