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CLutils routines released

Filed under: libs by Cubelogic — 20100913 0759 Monday

CLutils is an informal library of shared code used across Cubelogic projects. It’s basically a collection of C, C++, Objective-C functions developed across the years for different tasks, mainly around Mac OS X, iOS and some cross platform development. I have finally found the time to import the existing svn repository to the more easily accessible GitHub.

You can find more info on the release here.

The GitHub repository is here.

cl_debug logging library

Filed under: libs by Cubelogic — 20061001 2328 Sunday

New release from Cubelogic: cl_debug 1.0. cl_debug is a minimal C API for logging and “printf debugging”. Its main reason to exist it’s to be light weight, usable with minimal requirements and easily configurable.

This library of macros was originally born during the development of SimpleTimer (i.e. 3 years ago), but at that time I wasn’t really thinking to make it as a separate library. I just threw together the simplest possible printf macros to ease my debugging efforts. I wanted something that I could just “turn off” whenever I was ready to have a release build, and since I am a picky eater, “turned off” meant (and means) “no additional overhead”. (Although I understand it’s nice to have a runtime configurable debug log sometimes.) Then I kept reusing, refining and expanding those macros, always keeping the API tiny.

cl_debug has served me well so far. I find it expecially useful in conditions where normal (some might say “more evolved”) debugging tools are not available or not effective. Sometimes, “printf debugging” is the most reliable, efficient, always available debugging tool.

So, check it out!

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