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Updated Perl scripts for Objective-C accessors generation

Filed under: scripts by Cubelogic — 20051005 0040 Wednesday

I fixed a bug on my Perl scripts that prevented correct parsing of old Mac style line endings (“\r”). New versions are available here:

However, I discovered 2 (two) additional bugs in the process!

NSCoding methods generator scripts v1.1 released

Filed under: scripts by Cubelogic — 20050221 1441 Monday

Version 1.1 of my Cocoa NSCoding methods generator scripts have been released. There was a bug related to the BOOL data type. New versions are available at this page.

Scripts available

Filed under: scripts by Cubelogic — 20041227 0340 Monday

I posted some Perl scripts to the web site. I use them all the time whilst coding in Objective-C. I find them much faster than compiled application services like Accessor Generator. Also, I like the fact my scripts don’t waste any resources whatsoever when they are not used.