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ChessNote servers upgrade Monday April 4th

Filed under: system-upgrade by Cubelogic — 20160403 1826 Sunday

Monday April 4th, starting at 9:30am PDT, ChessNote servers will undergo upgrades to remedy a security vulnerability. It’s a fairly big upgrade so downtime will last several hours. I will update here and on Twitter when updates are completed and/or if unexpected problems are encountered.

ChessNote Server Maintenance on March 31st

Filed under: system-upgrade by Cubelogic — 20160331 0014 Thursday

ChessNote will be down starting tomorrow, March 31st, at 10am PDT for server maintenance. Downtime will probably be at least a couple hours.  Updates will be posted here and/or on Twitter as things progress.

ChessNote Notifications are back!

Filed under: apps,bugs,system-upgrade by Cubelogic — 20160128 2353 Thursday

After a very long time, push notifications for your moves on ChessNote are functioning again! As I mentioned previously, there were many upgrades that were needed on the server side in order to make notifications available for delivery.

Let me know if you are still not seeing them (and please verify that under your phone Settings > Notifications > ChessNote that notifications are indeed enabled). And of course, feel free to reach out either in private or here for any other issue you are experiencing.

Yet Another Server Upgrade (or, an Attempt to Fix Notifications)

Filed under: bugs,system-upgrade by Cubelogic — 20160122 0009 Friday

Many of you already noticed, but ChessNote‘s push notifications have been broken lately. The cause is a server deficiency that requires an upgrade of a key component. This upgrade is going to happen tonight around 10pm PST. From that time ChessNote will be unresponsive and you won’t be able to play.

The down-time should last around a couple of hours, hopefully less. I will update this blog post once the upgrade are completed or if unexpected problems are discovered.

Thanks for your patience.

ChessNote server maintenance

Filed under: system-upgrade by Cubelogic — 20151208 2130 Tuesday

The server that hosts ChessNote will undergo a general system maintenance December 15, 2015, between 00:30am and 2am PST (i.e. 8:30 – 10 UTC). Access to games will be unavailable during this window. Apologies for the inconvenience.

ChessNote server upgrades ended!

Filed under: system-upgrade by Cubelogic — 20151202 1306 Wednesday

Just wanted to inform that the upgrades are concluded… for the time being! There may be more in the future, and I will post here when the time is right for those to happen. Thanks again for your patience, but for the time being, happy checkmating!

ChessNote server upgrades still ongoing

Filed under: system-upgrade by Cubelogic — 20151123 1205 Monday

Just wanted to give an update on the status of system upgrades.

They are still ongoing and likely to continue throughout this whole week. Sorry, there’s just a lot to do. Needless to say, there will be down-times here and there, although I’ll try to minimize them as much as I can.

For this reason I have disabled the app from the App Store temporarily until things are stable again. For any serious problems, use the Contact page as usual or just comment below. I will also post occasional updates here.

Thanks for your patience.

System Upgrade: possible slowness today and tomorrow

Filed under: system-upgrade by Cubelogic — 20151120 1211 Friday

I am working on upgrading servers that ChessNote uses today and tomorrow, so you might experience some slowness today and tomorrow. These changes are necessary to support further development and new features I’m planning to build soon. So stay tuned, and please bear with me for the time being. I’ll post another update once this work is completed.

ChessNote is back UP

Filed under: bugs by Cubelogic — 20151015 0013 Thursday

The application server was restarted. You should be able to login again.

If you continue to experience problems, try signing out and signing back in, and/or force-quit the app.

Again, thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience.

ChessNote currently DOWN

Filed under: bugs,work-in-progress by Cubelogic — 20151014 2344 Wednesday

ChessNote servers experienced a hardware problem recently, and they have not recovered yet. The application server did not automatically restart as it’s supposed to, and I am trying to figure out why. I hope to be able to bring the service back up by later today. (I am currently traveling so I do not have immediate access to a UNIX terminal that would allow me to fix the problem: please bear with me.)

I apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your patience.

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