Note: This is unsupported software. Some of this code is or will be ported over to Candygirl, which is under active development.

CLutils is a collection of functions mostly tailored for iOS and Mac OS X development. Some of this code is more cross-platform and could work on other architectures (wherever you can build C code basically). Here's a quick breakdown.

cl_debug (cross platform)

Light-weight macro library for printf debugging (see

CLcutils (cross platform)

C and C++ utilities typically requiring clib or STL.

CLChessUtils (cross platform)

C utilities for chess applications

CLCarbon (Mac OS X)

C utilities with Carbon dependencies

CLCocoa (Mac OS X)

Objective-C utilities, with some C wrappers

CLFoundation (Mac OS X and iOS)

Objective-C routines, with dependencies on Foundation only.

CLIPhone (iOS)

Objective-C routines with UIKit dependencies.


CLutils is licensed under the revised BSD license.

Source code

See the project on GitHub


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