The Easiest Way to Play Chess on your iPhone

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ChessNote is a correspondence chess game for any iPhone or iPod Touch. It is compatible with iOS 4.3 and higher, and it's optimized for iPhone 5. In ChessNote, you can create games with friends and chess lovers all over the world, and play at your own pace, whenever you feel like it.

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All official rules and situations are accounted for, including en passant, stalemate and rather unusual scenarios such as the fifty moves rule.

ChessNote is built by chess lovers for chess lovers who care about one thing: playing chess. We built a chess application we'd like to use ourselves. We have stripped it of all the chagrins that typically slip into games of this sort: ads, pointless chatting, annoyances, distractions. ChessNote is just about chess. (You can still brag about your game by posting the board to Twitter at any given moment, though.)

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In the original chess by mail, you had a postcard and with it you made your move. That was it. That's what Alekhine did. Or Paul Keres, and other masters. It was just about playing chess (*). ChessNote goes back to that idea of simplicity, that notion of austerity.

If you are a chess player with no time to lose, you've come to the right app.

(*) Gossage would have something to say.