Building GIMP on Mac OS X

Just a few notes about this, because the instructions available at are really great. The only things I might add are:

- If you’re thinking about usign Fink instead of MacPorts, don’t. I tried that way and it was hell. Reasons: MacPorts had more of the packages I needed, and more updated.

- MacPorts is indeed your friend and I used it to install almost all the packages mentioned in the previous how-to: git-core, freetype, fontconfig, libart_lgpl, XML::Parser (p5-xml-parser on MacPorts, but I actually think the GTK build already installs it), LCMS, py-cairo, pyGOObject and PyGTK; in any case, just run (e.g.) port search cairo to find what you’re looking for.

- build BABL and GEGL: be sure to get GEGL v0.0.16+ or refer to this page. You still need to manually copy gegl.pc to the installation path:

sudo cp ~/Desktop/gegl-0.0.16/gegl.pc /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig/

- finally run:

$ ./  --without-mng --without-alsa --disable-alsatest --without-x --with-libtiff --enable-gtk-doc LDFLAGS="-L/opt/gtk/lib -L/opt/local/lib" CPPFLAGS="-I/opt/gtk/include -I/opt/local/include" --prefix=/opt/gimp

ignore the warnings about the m4 files (See ).
Note about libtiff: either one of “--with-libtiff” or “--without-libtiff” options is needed, otherwise ./configure will complain.
Note: if you don’t care about the docs, add a --disable-gtk-doc option to avoid building the GTK docs.

$ make


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Upcoming GEGL release for OS X

Update on GEGL for Mac OS X: upcoming release 0.0.16 will build on Mac OS X. Those guys were indeed fast in fixing the reported build problems. Thanks!
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Update: GEGL 0.0.16 was released!

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L’economia dal basso

Trovo sempre stupefacente come in Italia vengano messi i bastoni tra le ruote a chi vuole aprire un’azienda. Invece di essere agevolati il più possibile, si introducono difficoltà accessorie, senza ogni garanzia in caso di errore. Invece di avere la speranza del successo, si ha la paura di fallire prima di iniziare. Un ristorante, un artigiano, qualsiasi azienda sono coloro che costruiscono l’economia, dal basso. Non ha senso ostacolare i piccoli imprenditori.
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Stop legal corruption in the US

Finally somebody understood the problem from its roots. Why did it take so long? This is a ground-breaking step in US politics. Go Larry.

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Building GEGL and BABL on Mac OS X

Since GEGL depends on BABL, we’ll build BABL first. Note: this was done on PPC 10.4.11.

There are 2 ways to build BABL, either from the tarballs or from svn. The svn “bleeding edge” way has no problems at the time of this writing:

$ svn co babl-trunk
$ cd babl-trunk
$ ./
$ make
$ sudo make install

However, if you build from the current source releases at on OS X, you might incur into the error: “unrecognized option '-shared'“. (gcc that comes with OS X doesn’t support the -shared option.) E.g. I verified this problem on the 0.0.18 tarball. To fix this, you can just edit the ./extensions/Makefile:

#LDFLAGS =  -shared
LDFLAGS =  -dynamiclib	# OSX setting
#SHREXT = .so
SHREXT = .dylib       	# OSX setting

then run make again.

Once BABL is installed, let’s do GEGL. At the time of this writing, GEGL doesn’t officially build on OS X.

If you build GEGL from the tarballs, you might incur in similar “-shared” errors as for BABL. (E.g. the 0.0.14 tarball is affected by this problem). Building from svn initially gave me a few errors which were quickly fixed in a few hours, so it’s simply as:

$ svn co gegl-trunk
$ cd gegl-trunk
$ ./
$ make
$ sudo make install

Only problem here is that the build failed on the sample compositions with errors like:

--[Updating sample compositions]--
make[5]: *** No rule to make target `OpenRaster-00.png'. Stop.

(Similar errors for OpenRaster-01.xml, OpenRaster-04.xml, clones.xml.) I figured this was not essential and ran make install anyway. The library files seemed to get installed (/usr/local) so hopefully that’s enough. However, the gegl.pc file did NOT get installed, so I had to copy it manually. Assuming you installed GEGL in the default /usr/local tree:

$ cp gegl-trunk/gegl.pc /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig/ 

This build seemed good enough to build GIMP with it. So, there you have it. I guess the morale here is, sometimes svn is just better than a tarball.

Update: these bugs seem fixed now. Cool!

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AdSense Video: pubblicità dentro i video online

Non era abbastanza mettere pubblicità prima, dopo, e tutt’attorno i video su internet. Ora Google dopo ponderate riflessioni ha deciso che è invece meglio (per loro ovviamente) metterli DENTRO i video stessi. L’idea non è nuova ma è facile pensare che questo diventerà il nuovo standard. Da notare che le pubblicità sono SOPRA il video stesso, nella parte bassa. Alcuni pensano che così sono meno intrusive… ma dove??
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Un-democracy U.S.A., televised

Un-democracy USA, televised

Two things I can see from the CNN screenshot (taken today Feb 5 around 11:20 PM):
1. People are voting for a candidate who already bailed from the race (Edwards got out a week ago)
   Corollary: Either I am missing something basic (votes for Edwards’ are transfered to whoever he endorses?) or somebody is pretty disconnected from reality.

2. CNN doesn’t even report results for the only “other” democratic candidate around, Mike Gravel.

It has to be said that CNN (and all other mainstream media outlets) has totally ignored Gravel giving him no TV air time, so at least they are coherent bastards. However, how can legit “alternative” candidates like Gravel ever stand a chance if no-one even consider them? Has he lost before even trying, or are we making him lose? Is this democratic? Is this giving everybody a fair chance? I don’t pretend equality, just the fairness of doing your job.

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